The purchase of a trip organized by Travel Life Peru (SECTUR SAC.) Implies acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

All payments must be made in full 30 days before departure. Normally, in order to ensure the spaces in hotels, quality of transportation, guides and other collateral services, our policy is to prepay the contracted services before the date of arrival of the passenger.

All passengers are subject to a cancellation fee will be charged if the reservation is canceled less than 30 days before the date of arrival of a passenger. The following fees apply to the cancellations:

FITS (Foreigner Individual Traveler)

• 1-15 days before = 100% of total cost

• 16-30 days before = 50% of total cost


• 1-15 days before = 100% of total cost

• 16-30 days before = 100% of total cost

Our suppliers, the conditions have been continuously changing and in some cases will not receive refunds for cancellations more than 30 days before the date of arrival passengers or groups, which means you can not be able to provide a refund of 100 %. Tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable.
Special Cases: No refunds after confirmation for trips to unique places, like "Unique Experience tours", or in the case of special packages during Carnival, Easter, Inti Raymi, Christmas, New Year and other special occasions.
If extraordinary events disrupt the normal life of the country (eg political and social problems, natural calamities), Travel Life Peru has the right to cancel the trip or change a program.
Any modification of a trip, after your confirmation, will be considered a cancellation.

1) Passport, visa, vaccinations, insurance, etc: Life Travel Peru (SECTUR SAC.) Assumes individual responsibility for you. You must comply with the police, customs and health regulations and formalities during your stay. Each participant must be able to produce documents required by the Peruvian authorities at all times. Peru Travel Life will not be liable, under any circumstances, if a customer defaults on the presentation or can not submit required documents. The costs for this will be your responsibility and any cancellation, termination or modification of a trip because you will not be refunded.
If a group member becomes ill or incapacitated, we take care of it by getting a qualified physician for him / her. In these cases, the additional costs are borne by the individual client, including hospitalization if necessary. In the case of accident and / or necessary emergency evacuation, all expenses will be covered by the individual. That's why I recommend buying a travel / medical insurance purchased in the country.
2) Risks: Each customer is aware that the trips organized by Travel Life Peru are "unusual" and may involve certain risks because some medical centers are far away, the road conditions or even the adventurous character of some routes (eg: expeditions in boats or canoes, hiking). The customer assumes the risks knowingly and agrees not to hold a Travel Life Peru, none of the guides / tourist guides or any of its service providers responsible for accidents. If in some circumstances, for example, climate disruption or unforeseen events, Travel Life Peru makes the decision, directly or through their guides / tourist guides or any of its service providers in exchange for a means of transportation, a accommodation, a route or to change the date or the scheduled time, the customer is not entitled to any refund. Participants should always follow basic safety rules and instructions of the guide (s) at all times, otherwise, Peru Travel Life will be given the right to stop the trip. Also not responsible for any accidents that are due to individual carelessness. In the day trips are sometimes asked to sign an affidavit in which it acts as a release form for risks incurred during your excursion, which is a common practice for some operators.
3) Luggage: During the entire duration of your trip, you are solely responsible for your personal belongings and luggage. Travel Life in Peru or guide / tour escort will not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the loss of any of your bags, luggage or object (camera, cell phone, documents, etc.)
4) Air: If you change your travel plans due to the disruption of air traffic, Peru Travel Life is not responsible under any circumstances. The costs of this change will be borne by you.
5) Number of participants - the replacement of the participants: A list of participants (full name and date of birth, passport number) will be sent to Peru Travel Life on confirmation of booking. Only the right people can take part in the trip. Any change of the participants will require written agreement of Travel Life Peru.

Peru Travel Life (SECTUR SAC.) Recommends purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance (medical emergency, repatriation, etc.) before traveling to Peru. The decision to buy or not this type of insurance and the choice of the latter is the sole responsibility of the customer. Peru Travel Life (SECTUR SAC.) Can in no way be held liable in case of legal dispute.

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