Who We Are

We are TLP, a old friends group that studied tourism long time ago. Two different persons, two different expertise’s, two different life’s, with the same vision.

So, Travel Life Peru was born in 2013 in Trujillo, promoting innovative and personal tours and the most known highlights with a combination of unknown touristic places and local activities handled by local entrepreneurs. In this way we help to generate income opportunities for inhabitants and their communities based on the sustainable management of valuable natural/cultural resources.

Travel Life Peru supports fair deals to our clients and our suppliers through four relevant points:

  • We respect the communities we work with. We involve them in our business and we keep an eye on their feedbacks, ideas and/or doubts.
  • We believe in fair trade which we execute with our local partners. We and our partners provide the best services to our clients to achieve this we have regular meetings and a written procedure. We also offer support advice and capacity building to new business projects.
  • In our trips we try to keep the impact to environment minimum: our equipment is friendly environment, we recommend the use of water and electricity with moderation.
  • Memorable experience through alive culture, participative tours and meaningful interaction with local people.

Our Team

José Calos Urquizo Montero Operation manager Hallo! I am José Calos and I was born in Trujillo. Since graduates from the National University of Trujillo in 2004 with a degree in Tourism I have traveled much of Peru, working in the tourism industry planning, managing, developing and promoting tourist destinations; coming to share with local residents unique experiences enrich my life and profession. I consider myself a lover of my country, its nature, culture and people.
Paúl García Gutiérrez Community manager As Systems Engineer I have traveled to different parts of Peru executing disaster prevention projects for the National Water Authority (ANA), these experiences have allowed me to know much of the country, as well as the warmth of people, to value their culture , nature and teamwork. I am currently working as a community manager to show the world how wonderful Peru is and its people developing new tourism projects friendly to the environment. Linkedin