Travel Life Peru is a company open to innovation and we base ourselves on the culture of sustainable and responsible travel, researching new destinations and creating new products according to our demand and current trends. Peru is a destination that offers multiple experiences and scenarios and in its diversity we find the opportunity to promote sustainable activities that contribute to caring for the environment and involve the local population.

In October 2021 Travel Life Peru won the "Turismo Emprende" contest, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, with the project "CAÑONCILLO, BOSQUE DE VIDA" in the town of Tecapa, San José, Pacasmayo – La Libertad. This initiative arose as a result of the potential offered by this dry forest and the importance of ensuring its preservation in a self-sustaining way. This is how it was proposed to develop tourist activities in Cañoncillo that are sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible in close collaboration with the communities and that have a direct impact on the revitalization of the local economy. The offer contemplates the sighting of birds (such as the Rufous flycatcher, Tumbes tyrant, among others); the planting of carob tree seedlings, which help to reforest the forest and its conservation; short guided walks, to enjoy nature, among other activities.

We will carry out this proposal together with the organized local population, as well as with visitors, who appreciate natural spaces and seek to create a positive impact with their visit to one of the most valuable ecosystems on the north coast, the El Cañoncillo forest.

Currently we have planted more than 1,000 trees and we continue to work and strive to offer a safe and enriching tourist experience in this unique natural attraction.

Our commitment to sustainable and socially responsible tourism goes beyond supporting the local economy, protecting our ecosystems and preserving culture, we are convinced that traveling generates feelings of identification with the place where you are and allows you to share with the people of the place, enriching our vision of life and the world in which we live. Traveling leads us to open our minds, souls and hearts. Traveling allows us to discover, rediscover, learn and become interested in what surrounds us, beyond our place of origin. Let's keep traveling!

We are committed to making tourism a more sustainable activity and building bridges between travelers and local people, supporting learning experiences and creating positive change.

With each Travel Life Peru tour that you participate, US$ 40 is destined to continue developing the activities:

Environmental education for children of the peasant community of the ACP Bosque el Cañoncillo Planting, maintenance and irrigation of the planted carob trees. Conservation workshops and solid waste management. Reforestation and support for high Andean communities, training them for tourism activities.

If you want to make an extra donation, send an email to